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Amethyst Crystal Healing Water Bottle

Amethyst Crystal Healing Water Bottle

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Our healing amethyst bottles are available in a limited quantity, so get yours before they sell out!

  • Holds 18 oz of water. Removable crystal base
  • Dishwasher-safe (hand wash crystal base only)
  • Made of shatter-resistance glass and stainless steel
  • Durable wrist strap

Amethyst Healing properties:

  • Peace
  • Energy
  • Clarity
  • Ultimate enlightenment

Amethyst connects you to your higher self and wisdom of the universe, calms and soothes turbulent energies, strengthen intuition and perception

This gorgeous crystal is a calming stone ideal for meditation and creating serenity in one’s life. It’s prized for its ability to help create balance, patience, and inner peace by stabilizing one’s emotions.

Amethyst opens the gateway to divine consciousness and higher intuition by providing clarity when there's confusion in the mind.

Amethyst can even help with cell regeneration, insomnia, mood swings, and immunity. It is also known as the "Traveler’s Stone," providing extra protection while you're out on the road, exploring new places..

It amplifies the energies needed for manifestation. It creates a strong healing field around you making it especially good for cleansing and enhancing the immune system.

Honor your body with every sip. 

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