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Better Breath Nasal Strips

Better Breath Nasal Strips

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  • Breathe better so you can sleep better
  • Made of flexible bands that fit right above the nostrils, lifting inflamed sinus passages for easier breathing
  • A drug free snoring aid that provides instant relief for nighttime nasal congestion due to cold or allergies
  • Opens your nose up to 38 percent more vs. decongestant sprays alone
  • Also worn by athletes to increase airflow while exercising and competing

This product is one of my favorite life hacks. I don’t snore. I don’t have sleep apnea. I have healthy habits. However, I can honestly say this product has changed my life. When I wear this to bed I wake up more rested with more energy. They may look silly, but they’re absolutely incredible. How does it work? A nasal strip pulls the cartilage up and away from your septum, opening your internal nasal valve and improving the nasal airflow. Sometimes if I’ve been extra sweaty and if I don’t clean my nose they’ll slip off while I’m tossing and turning, but overall I’ve been really happy with these. I also know a lot of professional athletes that swear by them. 38 percent more airflow while working out or competing is no joke.

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